Boost Diesel Horsepower 30% While Increasing Fuel Mileage

Mileage Maxer being tested on a 1981 Mecedes 240DHere is a picture of a 1981 240D Mercedes that we have been testing. While we have no equipment available for testing the emissions produced on a diesel, we have to assume that less emissions have to be the result of improved efficiency. The horsepower testing on the Dyno and mileage test are the only tests available to us.

To establish a base line mileage and horsepower, we made a few engine adjustments, replaced the air filter and changed the oil.  This brought the mileage from 25 to 30 miles per gallon.  To test the effect of the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator, we installed one Mileage Maxer unit, which increased the percieved performance.  At this point we said, "if one works good, why not two?"

Before we tested at Max RPM, we installed a second Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator, in order to discover the effect of more hydrogen production on performance results.

The test results below confirm an increase in power and mileage:

Improved mileage from 25 to 37 mpg and a 30% increase in horsepower!

We are continuing our development of the hydrogen delivery system and expect to see better results due to increased efficiency. (So stay tuned!)

Our test results are posted below:

Mileage Maxer test results
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In Figure 1, the blue line represents the test run with the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generators engaged, the red line is the test run without the Mileage Maxer, indicating roughly a horsepower gain of 30%.

Figure 2: Letter of Verification from Max RPM

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