Near Zero Emissions Verified

The following is a synopsis of events and description of details:

1997 Town and Country at Max RPM


The staff of Mileage Maxer had several meetings with Washington Congressman Jay Inslee during the spring and summer of 2009. From the discussions concerning federal grants, it was agreed that 3rd party verification of the performance of the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator would be required. As a result of these discussions we determined that we would require six different vehicles on which to measure the results of the performance of the hydrogen generator. We contacted Max RPM in Bremerton, Washington and arranged to meet with them to perform the various tests to evaluate the performance of the vehicles.

The first vehicle tested was a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van. The picture above shows Max RPM employee Lee, in the drivers seat operating the vehicle on their dynamometer during a test run.  The results were quite impressive as indicated by the graphs below.  The second vehicle tested was a 1981 Mercedes 240D (click here to see how the Mileage Maxer boosted this diesel's horsepower 30%).


  • Each graph is based on a profile-run from 0-60 miles per hour and indicates just over 2 minutes of running time.
  • A red line on a graph indicates a test run without the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator in operation
  • A green line on a graph indicates an identically-run test with the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator in operation.

Carbon Dioxide Results:

Note the first graph (Figure 1) showing Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the profile of the red and green lines are almost the same.

Mileage Maxer CO2 Results

The green line is also slightly less than the red line indicating that less fuel was used in this profile-run. The CO2 is the result of burning a hydrocarbon fuel, it’s what is left over. CO2 is the gas that is exhaled when we breathe and is what is required for plants to complete the photosynthesis process in order to make oxygen.

Hydro Carbon Results:

The second graph (Figure 2) shows the concentration of hydrocarbons. Note that with Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator operating, the reading is reduced to ZERO!!!  This is a toxic gas generated by the combustion of the gasoline.

Mileage Maxer Hydro Carbon Readings

Carbon Monoxide Results:

The third graph (Figure 3) shows Carbon Monoxide (CO). This is unburned fuel that is poisonous and which can cause asphyxiation in a car.

Mileage Maxer Carbon Monoxide Readings

The spikes indicate periods of hard acceleration. Notice that the reading with Mileage Maxer is almost ZERO!!!

These tests clearly show that vehicle exhaust emissions are reduced to almost nothing.

Horsepower Results:

The unexpected finding from these tests was a boost in horsepower, an important measure of engine performance.  The fourth graph shows horsepower (Figure 4) (Click to expand).

Mileage Maxer Horsepower Improvements


  • the blue line indicates horsepower with the Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator on
  • the red line is the horsepower with the Mileage Maxer off

To get an accurate test, the vehicle is run on a dynamometer.  When a test is performed on a dynamometer, a load simulating the resistance of wind and road is applied to the vehicle’s drive wheels, which is normally a 10%. This 'road' loading is designed to simulate actual road driving conditions as a function of speed. The above graph indicates change in horsepower in relation to the vehicle's speed.  Note that the graph indicates a 30% increase in horsepower (an increase of 10 horsepower). That is EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Mileage Improvements:

The mileage has increased as well. The van started out at an average of 24 mpg and increase to 37 mpg: a 54% mileage increase.


What makes this all possible is the improved efficiency of burning the fuel (gasoline) that is already being introduced into the engine.

The air is being made flammable, causing the gasoline to completely burn in the engine rather than burning in the exhaust or being emitted into the air that we breathe.

We have found that when a vehicle is equipped with an operating Mileage Maxer hydrogen generator, it actually improves the quality of the air by recycling exhaust gases from other vehicles and industry in general that is used to run the engine. It will cause the effluent gases from the tailpipe to become cleaner than the surrounding atmosphere. Thus your car will also clean the air........Pretty Cool!

Lets put one on every car already on the road. Help us make a difference!

For more information, contacting us through our message form or by call us at (541) 540-6193.



Evidence of Third Party Verification:

Below is signed, 3rd party verification of how the Mileage Maxer improves emissions and boosts horsepower.

(Click each image to see a magnified version)

Mileage Maxer Test Results - Page 1

Mileage Maxer Test Results - Page 2